08 November 2011

Advanced Prout training in Portugal

An intensive Prout training course took place in Sintra, Portugal from October 28 to November 1, 2010. More than 45 Margiis from Portugal and Spain attended the four-day program which included an in depth analysis of the five fundamental principles of Prout, a review of the global economic crisis and the euro debacle, and two-days of small group planning. The three groups braistormed: 1) how to educate people about Prout, 2) how to create popular campaigns for the masses with immediate demands, and 3) how to develop practical models of Prout through master units, cooperatives and block-level planning. The PROUTugal Movement presented their successful campaigns during the previous six months and planned exactly what and how they would continue these initiatives during the next year. See www.proutugal.org