25 August 2011

Listen to and Read Venezuela Prout Conference Presentations

Dear friends, Namaskar.

We at the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela are just completing 2 months of tedious work to package the presentations made at the recent conference, “Building a Solidarity Economy based on Ethics and Ecology” we organized in Caracas in July 2011. We have:
1. Put all the audio recordings on www.youmicro.com
2. Transcribed all the 21 presentations and the question and answer sessions for each of the five panels, and uploaded them on our Spanish web page: www.priven.org.
3. Translated to English all the 21 presentations and five question and answer sessions and uploaded them on our English web page: www.priven.org.
4. We have nearly finished audio recording all the English translations and posting them on www.youmicro.com

1. To popularize cooperatives, ecology and ethics.
2. To unite some of the best experts on cooperatives, ecology and ethics from Venezuela and other countries.
3. To share their presentations and ideas with the widest possible audience.
4. To share and explain what is the Prout model, which is based on cooperatives, ecology and ethics, and highlight its projects in Venezuela.

Personally, I find a profound depth of ideas and experiences in these talks about the solidarity eEconomy, ecology, community health, indigenous rights, cooperatives, women’s rights, and spiritual wisdom.

Today I am especially happy because the very popular and progressive web site, www.venezuelanalysis.com, posted the talk by Elvy Monzant about cooperatives. Their hardworking staff wrote, "We plan to review the other translations and post in the coming days/weeks."

Whereas about 400 people came to the conference at some point over the three days, many more around the world are now listening to it and reading about it.

In the struggle for Peace and Justice,
Dada Maheshvarananda