09 February 2011


At the end of November I began intensively rewriting my earlier book, After Capitalism: Prout's Vision for a New World. Since then, I've been a recluse, sitting in front of my computer every day researching, writing and coordinating the translation into Spanish. About 70 percent of the text is new, and the total will be about 30 percent longer than the original. It is both inspiring and tedious. I am graced with a number of wonderful friends who are helping me proofread it and offering both ideas and copy editing. I hope to finish in another month (but I've been saying that since the beginning of December!). However there is not a more beautiful place on earth than the Quinta Prout in Caracas, Venezuela, and working in the vegetable garden is good therapy for me. If anyone is willing to assist me by reading a chapter or two, please send me a personal message.