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26 May 2011

Amazing speakers at Prout Conference in Caracas July 7-9 2011

"Building a Solidarity Economy based on Ethics and Ecology"

Confirmed speakers:
Nora Castañeda,
president of Banmujer, the Women's Bank
Claudio Nascimento,(Brazil) Historian, activist, popular educator, author of several essays on self-management and the Solidarity Economy. Cabinet member of President Lula da Silva, member of the National Secretariat for Solidarity Economy of President Dilma Rousseff: "The Solidarity Economy and Self-Management: Principle of People's Power."
Luis Delgado Bello, former National Superintendent of Cooperatives and former project director of UNDP and ILO: “Diagnosis and Perspectives of the Social and Solidarity Economy of Venezuela: Where are we and where are we going?”
Frank Bracho, former Ambassador of Venezuela in India, ecologist and author: "Environment, Health and Happiness."
Prof. Carlos Molina Camacho, former National Superintendent of Cooperatives and Savings Banks, professor of cooperative law at UCV: "Simón Bolívar and Cooperativism."
Camila Piñeiro Harnecker: (Chile-Cuba) researcher and professor at the Center of Studies on the Cuban Economy, University of Havana: "Potentials and Risks of Cooperatives in Socialist Construction."
Lizeth Vargas and Dario Gonzalez, CECOSESOLA - Lara State Central Cooperative: “Building Here and Now the World that We Want.”
Dr. Benito Diaz, Editor of CAYAPA (Venezuelan Journal of Social Economy), Venezuela Board of CIRIEC, Professor at the Universidad de Los Andes - Trujillo: "Innovation in Organizations of the Social Economy."
Leopoldo Cook, former telecommunications chief of PDVSA, author and columnist: "The Awakening of Consciousness: Prout and Socialism, Face-to-face."
Adalberto Barreto, (Brazil) psychiatrist, anthropologist, theologian: "Community Therapy: Social Solidarity Networks for Life."
Jody Wright (Acharya Devanistha) (USA), Prout activist for 35 years, studied under P.R. Sarkar: "Sadvipra: Prout's vision of enlightened leaders."
Víctor "Vyasa" Landa, (Peru) founder of the School of Life, Shanti Yoga Center for Harmony in Bethesda, Maryland, USA: "Aparigraha: A New Economic Paradigm for a Culture of Peace."
Chelo Nogueira, architect, founder of the Turtle Foundation: “Objective Earth.”
Juan Sarmiento, psychologist, lecturer, business consultant, founder of the Will of Excellence Foundation: "The Importance of Ethics in Social Transformation."
Manuel Barroso, author of 10 books, business consultant in planning and strategic management and transformation of organizational cultures and change processes.
Simón Rondón, Coordinator of the ecological movement "Bolívar en Martí": “The Struggle Against Pesticides and the Construction of the Experimental Ecovillage Augusto Cesar Sandino.”
Dada Jinanananda, (Congo-Brazil) Yoga monk: "Spirituality and Social Change."
Didi Ananda Sadhana, (Netherlands-Venezuela) Director, Centro Madre, Barlovento, Venezuela: “The Importance of Cultural Identity to Empower People: The Example of Barlovento.”
Belkys Urbina, Ecologist, Masters in Tecnology Management and Risk Control, and Masters in Industrial Maintenance: “The Planet and Consciousness.”
Sandra Castillo Castro Delegada UCV to the Organization of American States, and member of the Economic Advisory Committee of AnimaNaturalis Internacional, and Luís Verdú Brito president of the Student Center of Economic Faculty of UCV: “Economic Tendencies Towards the Ethical Treatment of Animals.”
Roy Madron, (UK-Brazil) Resarcher, business consultant, Coauthor of Gaian Democracies: Redefining Globalisation and People-Power: “Can Latin America Save the World?”
Maya Shita, General Coordinator of the Warao Tribe, leader of the El Moriche indigenous community: "Living Together in One Single World."

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