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09 February 2011


At the end of November I began intensively rewriting my earlier book, After Capitalism: Prout's Vision for a New World. Since then, I've been a recluse, sitting in front of my computer every day researching, writing and coordinating the translation into Spanish. About 70 percent of the text is new, and the total will be about 30 percent longer than the original. It is both inspiring and tedious. I am graced with a number of wonderful friends who are helping me proofread it and offering both ideas and copy editing. I hope to finish in another month (but I've been saying that since the beginning of December!). However there is not a more beautiful place on earth than the Quinta Prout in Caracas, Venezuela, and working in the vegetable garden is good therapy for me. If anyone is willing to assist me by reading a chapter or two, please send me a personal message.


nina shapiro said...

I would be honored to read a chapter or two of your new work. I have a master's degree in social work and have been a PROUTist since 1979 when I attended training in California.
Namaskar, Devaki

Anonymous said...

Namaskar Dada,

It would be a grest privilege to read a chapter or more of your forthcoming book. I worked many years as a word processing supervisor and editor.
_ _ _

I just purused the Ananda Marga Memorial on your website--what a great work.

When Dharmaputra had Ananda Marga in Palo Alto and Madhuri in Los Altos, I had the Ananda Marga center on Duboce Street, San Francisco (Ac. Vimalananda days). My wife Arogyavati and my new born son took the Y.O.U. (Youth for an Orderly Universe) training and opened a Jagriti in Charleston, S.C. In 1972 we went to Patna for six months. With Baba's grace we got out of India as authorities had already made arrangements to arrest and jail us. The end of 1972 to 1974 we opened and maintained the N.Y. Sector jagriti at 83rd and Westend Avenue in Manhattan. We gave personal tetimony to Amnesty International at the United Nations and organized numerous vigils and attended the vigil in Washington, D.C. I went to Ananda Kanan for New Years 2009 and was so happy to see Dharmaputra after 3.5 decades; as well as meeting Sid Jordan from Charleston, S.C. who has since begun the Prama Inst. In 2007 I went back to India for MahaPrayan and connected with Guhan who I had briefly met at various retreats accross the U.S. in the early 1970's.

I am just realizing I may not know how to send this as a 'personal message' you requested.

Dada Maheshvarananda said...

Dear Govinda, Namaskar.
My email is maheshvarananda[at]
Your blog is great, Govinda Light

Anonymous said...

Whatever Baba has said we must follow faithfully, I can see the Global change which is DUE, it is not 99% but 100% HAPPENNING in all sphere and stratas from Middleast to Africa,from Japan to Australia in some form....Also America to South America...Economically world is FINISHED, due for change. All Cartels will GO including Oil,Banking,Commodiities etc etc World is in Chaos nothing but Chaos from all Angles. I have been to many African countries and middleast....including America.. and Panama
Dr.Ravi Batra will come correct finally by Babas Grace.Looking forward to Golden Age or Golden Era . 22.5.2011