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02 May 2006

A Training Center for Spiritual Revolutionaries

In the silent pine forests of southern Sweden lies a most inspiring center of transformation. Fourteen brothers and sisters have come from around the world to study there – from Argentina, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Madagascar, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore and USA. They are highly motivated, and are literally putting their lives on the line.

They are in training to become nuns and monks. The color orange that they wear means they are dedicating their lives to the service of humanity. Though it differs from person to person, most spend about three years in training. In addition to chanting, practicing yoga asanas, reading spiritual philosophy, they are sitting for silent meditation 4-5 hours each day.

They also intensively study the spiritual and social philosophy of P.R. Sarkar, the founder of Prout. After passing all their exams, they then travel to India and are assigned to work in another continent from where they grew up.

The center was started in 1976, and hundreds who trained there have gone to six continents to serve humanity. I deeply enjoyed giving them Prout classes for two days and doing long meditation together. I told them that I have come to realize after 28 years of working as a monk, I am very much still “in training”! Every day I am learning, discovering, struggling to understand and to realize the deepest truths.

Then I drove to Stockholm where I stayed in the home of Proutists Krsnadeva and Sumana. I recorded nearly 3 hours of their personal experiences with the founder of Prout – incredible. Sumana said that in their last meeting together, Sarkar said, “You know, there are two kinds of people in this world, those who give, and those who get. Which kind are you?” She laughed and replied, “The kind that give, Baba.” But ever since that day, she realizes that so many people, even those on a spiritual path, are always concerned about and often criticize the quality of seminars, programs, etc., without looking for ways to contribute, to make it better. These stories are being transcribed now.

Five trainees plus other employees and interns are working in an organic bakery in Stockholm ( It’s an incredible beehive of activity round the clock. I also gave them a class on Thursday.

Then on Friday night I gave a lecture on Prout and Spiritual Values that they organized for the public – 35 people, both young and old, came. These people fill me with hope.

If you are ever uncertain about what to do in your life, and how you could contribute more to making a better world, there’s a beautiful, quiet place in southern Sweden that I highly recommend!

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jyotirmaya said...

hmmm...the silence of that place still roars in the back of my mind - wonderful for sadhana. Nice that you could inspire the trainees with Prout